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Is a Micro Wedding Right for You?

The past year has been a nightmare for us all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s particularly hit the wedding industry and couples who had planned to get married hard. The reduced numbers due to the need to social distance meant the vast majority of couples postponed their weddings, some even more than once over the last year. We are now in February 2021, and still are none the wiser about when things will get back to normal, or at least the new normal.

You may have noticed or heard of a new trend of Micro Weddings taking place throughout the country. This was something that was already on the rise prior to the pandemic, and we definitely expect to see more and more of these this year and beyond. But the question is, is a Micro Wedding right for you? In this blog, we’ll give you all the information you need to help make up your mind.


A Micro Wedding is basically the name given to an intimate wedding celebration, with just the wedding couple’s closest friends and family in attendance. Typically, there would be no more than 50 guests, which obviously at the moment all depends on government guidelines. The low numbers provide a more intimate celebration and allows the wedding couple to really mingle with the ones that are most special to them on their special day. Micro Weddings can be formal, causal or anywhere in between, there are no rules when it comes to Micro Weddings. They do usually include many of the traditional elements of a wedding but just on a much smaller scale. A Micro wedding is not an Elopement, so don’t get confused with that. An elopement generally would be just the couple themselves and their witnesses. It is far more limiting than a Micro Wedding.


Budget Friendly – Generally, Micro Weddings can be a lot lighter on the pocket. If you are under a lot of budget constraints, it may be the perfect solution for you. It also gives you the option to splurge on things you really want for your big day without having to pay a fortune.

A More Premium Wedding Package – With a smaller number of guests in attendance, you may have the budget to opt for a more premium wedding package to get all the bells and whistles your venue has to offer for your big day. Previously, a more premium packages may have been out of your price range due to the large numbers.

Unique Wedding & Ceremony Venues – As a result of the smaller numbers in attendance, you can consider some dreamy and unique venues for your ceremony and wedding celebrations. A Castle Wedding, a rooftop or barn wedding or even a wedding in the woods or on the beach (should the Irish weather allow) are all just some of the amazing venues that are opened up to you as part of a Micro Wedding. You can decide to maybe have a unique ceremony in one location before moving to another venue for the celebrations. You have endless options to create a wonderfully unique experience for you and your guests with a Micro Wedding.

Break Tradition – With a Micro Wedding you create the rules and traditions. There is a lot less pressure to stick to the standard traditions, so you have the opportunity to break these traditions. You may decide you don’t want a top table, that you’d rather sit amongst your guests. Or maybe the traditional food served at weddings isn’t for you and you’d prefer to change it up to serve some of your favourites. The options are endless with a Micro Wedding, and they usually are anything but traditional, they are an utterly unique experience.

More Relaxed – Usually, the less numbers attending a Micro Wedding means there is less stress, which can only be a good thing for the wedding couple. Hopefully, the planning will be even a little fun and a lot more relaxed.

Your Choices – With a Micro Wedding, you celebrate your special day your way. You have complete control. A Micro Wedding is all about the freedom of choice and choosing what’s best for you as the wedding couple, whether it’s the venue, food, entertainment, treats, clothes or even your guests, it’s how you want your wedding day to be celebrated and remembered with all of your closest friends and family.

Less Eyes on You – This might not be a problem for everyone, but a lot of people can find it intimidating being the focus for a couple of hundred people, walking down the aisle or saying those all-important wedding speeches. It might be a little easier and more comfortable doing everything in front of a smaller group of your closest friends and family.

Spending Time with Your Guests – Traditionally, the wedding couple are fortunate to get 5 minutes with each guest, and that’s even if they get around to speak to everyone. With a Micro Wedding’s smaller numbers, you get the opportunity to interact with each and every one of your guests which improves the experience for both you and your guests.


Can you narrow down your Guest List?If you are finding it difficult to narrow down your guest list, or feel like you’ll regret not inviting some people, then maybe a Micro Wedding isn’t the way to go for you.

Create a list of essential things you must have at your wedding – A lot of the time with a Micro Wedding, couples will be working from a smaller budget, but it’s important to make a list of non-negotiable must-haves you both want at the wedding. Make sure you prioritise the important things for you and you partner.

Select an Appropriate Venue – You don’t want to be in a huge venue for an intimate micro wedding. It will just amplify the small numbers and lose any intimacy. Choose somewhere that’s the right size and space for your numbers.

Wear what you want – As mentioned above, a Micro Wedding can break away from tradition and be whatever you want it to be. So you can wear whatever feels right and comfortable to you. There’s nothing wrong with a little more casual dress code. Alternatively, if you’ve always dreamed of wearing a wedding dress or a formal dress code for your special day then go for that. It’s your day, just go for what you feel comfortable and happiest with.


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