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Festival fever – our guide to attending as a food vendor

With over 35 amazing food festivals happening across Ireland in 2018 – mainly in June – we can all indulge our love affair with great flavours.

From Taste of Dublin and Theatre of Food @ Electric Picnic, to Galway’s International Seafood and Oyster Festival and Oktoberfest, there’s a full calendar for foodies. Food Festival Calendar

Apart from food, we have festivals dedicated to everything from music to drink, vintage vans to ploughing. There’s something for everyone.

For any food vendor, this is the season to pitch your stall. Time to show off your wares as the sun (hopefully) shines down and the crowds flock to sample your delights. So, here’s our guide to getting it right at the festivals this summer.

What food sells best at festivals?

It depends on the festival. At smaller festivals with only a few stalls, your Indian street food isn’t going to do very well. People will go for the classics like burgers, hot dogs and pizza.

However, at a popular festival attended by people with lots of disposable income, the basics will be covered. Therefore, you’re more likely to stand out if you offer something different. The same applies to dedicated food festivals, where vendors are going to want to try new and exotic foods.

Where is the stall/pitch going to be?

Not all pitches were created equal. Before you sign on the dotted line, you should find out exactly where your location is going to be and have it written into your contract.

The perfect pitch location depends on what you sell. At music festivals, spots near the campsite are going to get the lion’s share of business until noon, while people pull themselves around and get breakfast. However, stalls near the main stage will get the most action in the afternoon and into the evening. Keep this in mind when negotiating the position of your pitch.

Will you have access to the power sources you need?

Some pitches come with access to the festival’s power supply (for a fee, of course), while others require you to provide your own generator. Make sure you know what the situation is with yours before you sign on the dotted line, and don’t be afraid to negotiate on the price if you’re expected to provide your own power source.

How many people attend the festival?

The bigger the festival, the bigger potential you have for profit. While numbers aren’t everything, your sales are always going to be capped by the number of people there to buy from you. One of the first things you need to ask when you’re thinking about buying a pitch at a festival is how many people are going to attend.

Start by asking the organiser, although bear in mind it’s in their best interest to make it seem that as many people attend the festival as possible. You should also search the internet for accurate figures.

However, the best source of information is often another vendor who has pitched at that festival before. The food truck community is fairly tight-knit, so if you can find out who’s pitched there before, all it takes is a Facebook message or email to get a realistic view of a festival from a fellow vendor.

What are your costs?

The final step in working out whether you’re set to make a profit from attending a festival is to add up your costs. These will include, but may not be limited to:

  • The cost of the pitch
  • The festival organiser’s cut of your profits (which is typically 25–30%)
  • The cost of renting power from the organiser, or running your own generator
  • Stock
  • Staff wages
  • Fuel costs
  • The cost of samples (if you offer them)

The lower you can keep these costs, the more profit you’ll make. For example, going to small local festival might diminish your potential profits, but it might also save you hundreds in fuel and wages.

Do I have the equipment I need?

Last, but not least, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to cope with the increased demand that comes with attending a festival. Are you going to offer tables and seating? Perhaps garden benches might work, or some rustic furniture – depending on the look you’re after. Maybe you want a chilled-out lounge, or stand-up pod tables?

Whatever your vibe, we have the furniture hire to help you make the most of your pitch. Furniture Hire

On a practical note, this is hopefully going to be the busiest you’ve ever been, so be sure to have all the professional catering equipment and appliances organised. Take a look at our range – we can supply everything from burco boilers to fridges – and everything in between! Kitchen Equipment Hire

National Event Hire @ festivals

National Event Hire Ireland work with promoters throughout Ireland to supply quality products for festivals and concerts, including seating and catering equipment for corporate hospitality. We also supply everything you might need for a food pitch at a festival and deliver nationwide. See HERE or call us on 1800 579 579 for a quote!



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