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Your guide to the Taste of Dublin 2018

Taste of Dublin, Ireland’s most prominent food festival, will be returning to the Iveagh Gardens from June 14-17.

For 13 years, the festival has been transforming the atmospheric surrounds of Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens into a foodie paradise. This ultimate food festival will bring the most innovative flavours to one place over four delicious days.

If you’ve attended the Taste of Dublin previously, you’ll know that every year there’s a different theme. This year, it’s no different – the theme for 2018 is Food Lovers Playground.

We’ve came up with a few guidelines if you’re thinking about attending Taste of Dublin this year and check out the home page HERE

Be prepared for Irish weather at Taste

If you’re living in Ireland, you won’t be surprised to see four seasons in one day! In 24 hours, you could have blistering sun, torrential rain, turbulent wind or even heavy snow – that’s the joys of living on this emerald isle. So, don’t forget the SPF 20, your wellies, an umbrella and perhaps a rain jacket.

Make A POA (Plan of Action)

There’s so much to do at Taste of Dublin, which runs across two sessions each day – 12-4pm and 5:30-10:30pm – so make sure you plan ahead to get the best experience possible at Ireland’s biggest and best-known food festival.

Between food tastings, demos and master classes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy so check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss your favourites!

Don’t be late!

Although some like to be fashionably late, we wouldn’t suggest it for this fun-filled event. Don’t forget each ticket for the festival has a time slot which isn’t that much when you consider the amount of food, drink and other events that you need to get around to trying and exploring. Make sure to arrive on time and make the most of this food-tastic festival.

Don’t forget your moola

Taste of Dublin is one of the only festivals in the world that has its own currency – cool isn’t it? Your euros are no use to you as they only accept florins on site. But don’t worry, you can exchange your currency at the festival, so make sure you stock up!

Most importantly, have fun!

With all the food, drink and live entertainment, it’ll be impossible for anyone to not enjoy the Taste of Dublin festival. We at National Event Hire are proud to be an event supplier and hope that you love the festival. We are also looking forward to attending, relishing a bite to eat and a having cheeky beverage…

If you have any queries regarding furniture hire, feel free to call us on 1800 579 579, email or click HERE.





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